After years of experience, a group of shisha connoisseurs sparked an idea to create a unique product which could elevate and surpass the traditional methods of smoking classic tobacco shisha.

Taking into account all the disadvantages of tobacco leaf, it was decided to break away from it and choose a less harmful alternative. Throughout the history of shisha smoking, people have added slices of fresh fruits to the shisha tobacco or have used fruit  instead of some part of the shisha to impart an exceptionally intense flavor to the smoke. In respect of this history, it was decided to use fresh fruits. Next, experts in the field of the storage and processing of fresh fruits were recruited  to participate in the development. They set specific goals to improve the quality of shisha smoking. As a result of many breeding experiments using advanced processing technologies, a product, which met all set parameters, was created. This technology was then referred to as "Deprocessing". The result was so good, that it was decided to establish an industrial line. This took a lot of time and effort to achieve. Firstly, during laboratory studies it emerged that not all fruits and berries equally meet the specified requirements and international quality standards. We had to painstakingly filter out suppliers from all over the world. Next, there was a problem with the processing of fruits, because there was no proper equipment with required characteristics, we had to start from scratch. A team of production engineers was selected. They have developed a production line of sterilization, processing, interim storage and packaging. Furthermore, there were months of setting up equipment to accommodate this new technology and then the period of manufacturing.

Logo DekangDuring that time, a group of designers and marketing specialists were developing  a concept for the design and promotion of the product to debut in the world market.

Due to the professional approach and advanced equipment used, we have managed to create a truly innovative product, which was named "Shishafruits" under the brand name "DeCloud" manufactured by Dekang.