How to use

The process of filling shisha does not differ from the traditional shisha filling, but there are some features to be aware of. All features are described and illustrated, but you may see the video (ENG) with subtitles in your language.

Attention: we recommend you to use a bowl, design vortex, phunnel, it will not pop up heat food the mine hookah.

Using this form of the bowls allows you hovering DeCloud Shishafruits long time.


1. Open the foil

Protection foil – prevents the product from drying out and keeps the rich flavor and taste of fruit shisha as long as possible.

2. Fill the bowl

It is convenient to fill without soiling your hands by simply using a spoon. You may use any bowl, but it's recommended to use a bowl without holes at the bottom.


3. Put the coal

No smoldering formula - allows everyone to make a professional shisha without much effort. This formula prevents the product from burning and becoming bitter.

Tip: make sure that there is an easy tightening after wrapping the foil and making punctures.

4. Extended smoking

The unique formula provides a rich, intense and dense steam through the whole process of smoking. Shisha flavor is not lost and remains fresh.

Standard refilling (20 grams) is enough for 3 hours of intensive smoking.

easy clean

5. Easy to wash

The absence of tar and molasses in the Decloud make it easy to clean-up. The smell is not absorbed into the shisha.