DeCloud became the crown of creation of professionals who have managed to produce, thanks to years of experience in the use and manufacture of shisha products, unique in quality and properties fruit mixture.

In creating DeCloud, we managed to get rid of the main problems that arise when smoking classic tobacco shisha:

  • burning and, as a result, bitterness when smoking;
  • change in taste or absence of it at all;
  • filling shisha does not require a lot of experience;
  • classic tobacco permeates so much that during the next smoking old and new tastes are mixed.

When smoking DeCloud natural fruits and berries, included in it, exposed to temperatures are actually boiled, exuding the fruity steam, therefore we will use the term «steaming» instead «smoking». The steam released by fruits when steaming is light, sweet, thick and unlike tobacco smoke, contains no harmful combustion products, quickly dissipates, leaving the fresh fruit flavor in the room and sweet aftertaste. Filling shisha does not require a lot of experience, because the amount of coal or the climate of the environment do not affect the steaming. The duration of steaming increased significantly and can reach three hours while filled fully, and the taste and saturation of steam will be unchanged from the beginning till the end.

Through painstaking selection of quality and natural ingredients and multiple testing of the final product, the fruit mixture, which undoubtedly becomes the beginning of a new era in the tradition of shisha smoking appeared.

  • all natural
  • no tar
  • no tobacco
  • no dye
  • patented product
  • protected with foil
  • easy to fill
  • a huge amount of steam
  • easy to wash
  • real fruit
  • up to 3 hours on a single filling


«Watermelon» DeCloud – first you will feel the taste of juicy watermelon, then flavor smoothly passes into the sweet tones of summer berries: strawberries and raspberries, blackberries, blueberries. Everyone will find something to their taste in it, ideal base for the true of spring and summer connoisseurs, flavor will necessarily raise your spirits and add positive emotions.


natural fruits, propylene glycol, natural extract, glycerol. Tobacco 0%, Nicotine 0%, Tar 0%.


  1. Store in cool,dry,dark place.
  2. Кeep out of reach of children.
  3. Do not eat.
  4. For adults only.

We recommend you to use vortex or phunnel hokkah bowl. It will prevent fruit juice from getting into the air channel during the use and will let you enjoy the most from vaping Shisha Fruits. Using these types of bowls will also increase the overall vaping time.


Suitable for all types
of water pipes

How to use
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Shishafruits 50 50gramm